NHN participation in Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP) Launching Ceremony in Bangkok.

Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP) was officially launchedB on 29 August during a meeting of representatives from six most disaster-prone Asian countries, held in Bangkok.

Partners from Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Pakistan also deliberated on a strategic roadmap for strengthening the disaster preparedness for response and recovery capacities of the local and national level organizations in their respective countries.

Asian Preparedness Partnership (APP)B is anB inter-agency platform of National Disaster Management Organizations, civil society networks, and the private sector from six most disaster-prone Asian countries.

The APP was launched under the ADPCbs flagship project bStrengthening Emergency Response Capacity of Local Humanitarian Actors in Asiab. The goal of this program is to improve disaster preparedness for response and recovery in Asia by strengthening the interface and partnership between governments, local humanitarian organizations and the private sector. The program will provide stakeholders with the opportunities of forming partnerships, sharing good practices and lessons learned, building capacities, and networking.

Representatives of governments, civil society networks, and private sector organizations met on 28 August to finalize the governance structure, functions and services of the APP. The meeting was followed by a formal announcement of the establishment of APP on 29 August.

Along with Chairman NDMA, Member Operations NDMA, Brig Mukhtar Ahmed, DG PDMA KP, Mr. Muhammad Khalid and Chairperson NHN, Mr. Muhammad Amad also participated in the APP launching ceremony.

The project will be implemented in Pakistan with the lead of NDMA and in collaboration with NHN.

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