NHN KP chapter elections result

In continuation to NHN Elections 2019, elections of KP/FATA Chapter were held in IDEA Office Peshawar on Dec 03, 2019. The meeting started at 11:30 AM and Concluded on 3:00 PM.

Election Committee member b Mr. Noor Bajeer facilitated the chapter elections. Election Committee received the nomination from following member organizations CEC/Women/Provincial Chair:
1. KK (Maryam bibi)
2. PRDS (Fareed Ullah)
3. IDEA (Muhammad Amad)
4. FRD (Azmat Khan)
5. Hujra (Muhammad Saleem)

Formation of Provincial Executive Council (PEC)
PEC comprising of 15 members was formed with mutual consultation of the Chapter. Following Division wise member were selected .
1. Hazara Division. (WAJ organization)
2. Malakand Division (Lasoona and Hujra)
3. Mardan Division (AHO, IDEA)
4. Peshawar (PRDS, CRDO)
5. Kohat (ADF)
6. DI Khan (EHSAR)
7. Two Seats of Women Organization (KK and BWDO)
8. Four Seats of Thematic Experts (PREPARED, FRD, KAMORE, BEST Pak)

Retention of ex-CEC Members
All ex-PEC agreed to retain IDEA – Mr. Muhammad Amad as the CEC member for the next tenure.

Elections of Chapter Chair
02 contestants were running for Chapter Chair positions, PRDS and KK. Following are the details of vote received.

1. PRDS (Fareed Ullah) = 08 Votes
2. KK. (Maryam Bibi). = 05 Votes

Election of CEC members for Women Seat
KK was elected as CEC member for Women headed organization.

Election of CEC members for ex-FATA region
FRD and Hujra were contestants for 02 positions of ex-FATA region. Election Committee member Noor Bajeer briefed that as the merger is in process thus the ex-FATA members will be consider non-Voting Members

NHN KP/Ex-FATA Chapter Members
Following are the Elected Members of KP/ex-FATA Chapter:
1. IDEA – Muhammad Amad (CEC Member)
2. PRDS – Fareed Ullah (Provincial Chair)
3. KK b Maryam Bibi (CEC Member on Women seat)

Non-Voting Members:
4. FRD Azmat Khan. (CEC Member ex-FATA, Non-voting CEC Member )
5. Hujra- Muhammad Saleem (CEC Member ex-FATA Non-voting Member)