Update on PDMA-KP meeting on chitral flood – 2015

On 22 July 2015 PDMA KP call upon a meeting to discuss the Chitral- Flood 2015 situation with UN, PHF and NHN representatives to discuss that how in a coordinated way humanitarian actors along with government should plan a strategy to response the affected community. Meeting minutes will be shared by PDMA KP but the key discussions were:

  • Mr. Mohammad Khalid (Director HR PDMA) informed the participants about the Chitral Flood b 2015 damages. Around 103 houses are fully damaged
  • Accessibility is one of the serious problem in Chitral (Upper and Lower Chitral), as 167 small bridges and 1 main bridge (Mastoj to Chitral) is badly damaged
  • Participants are informed that PDMA is planning to conduct an assessment in Chitral hence the support from humanitarian actors is required. In response UNOCHA representative, Mr. Thomas said that an assessment working group is in place which can efficiently support in this regards. He further informed that as per the SOPs to conduct MIRA assessment Humanitarian Coordinator approval is required though it is the fast assessment tool. The focus is on cut-off areas as communities are facing a lot of challenges there
  • To avoid long procedures house decided to conduct Rapid Needs Assessment (RNA) on immediate basis which should not take more than three days. Formation of assessment groups will be done and PDMA KP will take lead in this.
  • Though Army is also conducting assessment but as itbs not clear that what type of assessment is being conducted by Army therefore it was suggested that PDMA should contact Army and get updates from them to avoid duplication
  • District Administration is directed by PDMA to give relief items i.e. tents and food items to the affected community
  • After the conducting TNA a response strategy shall be developed.
  • NHN KP-FATA, Provincial Coordinator, Mr. Muhammad Amad informed the participants that NHN is in close coordination with three local NGOs based in Chitral and they can effectively utilize in the whole process.
  • He further emphasized on the fast flow of information on daily basis and PDMA KP should take lead in it. There should be focal person in PDMA for the said purpose
  • It was also suggested that DG PDMA should coordinate with Army for Heli-services
  • NOC issue also came under discussion that PDMA should look into the matter of NOCs/ Security clearances as NOC is required for UN and other humanitarian actors
  • It was suggested that AKRSP and SRSP shall be contacted as they are having strong presence in Chitral. In response PDMA KP representative added that organizations will be formally informed by them after finalizing the decisions with PDMA Director General and technical teams will be engaged for the formation of assessment teams