Policy and Procedural Engagement

The centre of Humanitarian advocacy of NHN is around “an effective and efficient humanitarian systems being led by responsible and accountable humanitarian and disaster mitigation institutions for the development of safer and disaster resistant nations”. We define advocacy as Taking action through a process of strategically planned activities, at Provincial, National and International levels, in which people affected by disaster participate meaningfully. These actions are aimed towards the realization of positive, lasting change in the lives of everyone: to have their voices heard, and their rights protected and fulfilled. The advocacy strategy of the network is guided by the humanitarian principles i.e Humanity, Neutrality, Impartiality and Operational Independence whereas it’s informed by the values of network i.e shared leadership, Inclusiveness, Neutrality, Accountability and Transparency. Community members are often excluded from these policy processes; their voices are not heard and their views and demands are lost in the hidden and invisible dimensions of power. Different approaches are required for tackling the respective forms of power and supporting communities to claim their rights. Our advocacy plays a role across the dimensions and is intended to engage and support communities to be involved in the policy process.

NHN coordinates and engages on priority areas, through strategic networking and established relationships with key stakeholders i.e disaster management authorities, PHF, OCHA and seats at policy and operational forums.