PDMA KP & NHN KP-FATA Response on Mini-Cyclone (Tornado) at KP

On April 29, 2015 an ad-hoc meeting was called by PDMA KP with NHN KP-FATA representative Mr. Muhammad Amad (Central Executive Committee member& Provincial Coordinator) to discuss the damages details caused by Mini-Cyclone (Tornado) in KP on 26 April 2015. Three districts of KP were affected i.e. Peshawar (Pakha Ghulam, Wahid Ghari, Bani Killay, Kalo Khel, Godo Samarbad, Watpaga, Wahid Ghara, Khazana and Muslimabad), Nowshera (Pabbi Kushmakam, Choki Mamraz, Taro and Ghadi Tazadin) and Charssada (Shabqadar, Gulabad, Hassan Khil and Kashyaro Killay).

Director General PDMA, Mr. Amir Afaq requested NHN KP-FATA to support PDMA KP in the relief and response activities by providing volunteers for rapid need assessments, to support in establishing relief camps on immediate basis and in the distribution of relief packages as the coordinated efforts of humanitarian actors is the utmost need of time.
Mr. Muhamad Amad called upon an ad-hoc meeting of NHN KP-FATA, Provincial Executive Committee members where NHN members agreed to support the PDMA by providing vehicles, volunteers and cameras. Within no time 05 vehicles, 06 volunteers and 05 cameras were arranged for assessment.

NHN KP-FATA contacted PHF representative Ms. Heather Macey to discuss the current scenario. NHN and PHF participated in the planning session with PDMA where 05 teams were formulated for rapid need assessment and to ensure effective relief activities with a nominated team leader. There will be one focal person with whom all team leaders will coordinate on day to day updates. The teams will act as the representative of PDMA-NHN in the field. As Islamic Relief has a presence at Shabqadar therefore they will continue with their activities to support the affected community. Detail of area division and team leaders is:

b” PEACE will work in Khushmakam, Choki, Mamraz, Taro and Ghandi Tazadin under the leadership of Mr. Khalil Khan (03335799116, 03459528392)

b” FRD will work in Wahid Ghari, Khazana and Toda Ghari under the leadership of Mr. Abdul Hadi (03459669376)

b” BEST will work in Yaseenabad under the leadership of Mr. Hamid Ali/Nawab (03018592738, 03033399944)

b” SRSP will work in Badni Killay, Kalo Khill,Wat Paga, Chamkani and Wahid Ghara under the leadership of Mr. Farman Ullah (03349135125)

b” IDEA will work in Pakha Ghulam and Samar Bagh under the leadership of Mr. Nafees us Zaman (03339283460)

b” Islamic Relief will work in Shabqadar, Gulabad, Hassan Khel and Kasmyano killay under the leadership of Mr. Muhammad Usman (03008521566)

It was suggested in the meeting that committees should be formed in affected areas to support the teams in relief activities. PDMA will give relief packages to effected people after identification and the distribution will be cross checked by community committees to ensure the transparency as being humanitarian actors/organizations we all are accountable to the affected community. Each relief camp will have medical camps and one ambulance along with medicines.

Media will be kept on board. Media will share the contact numbers that in case of any emergency who should be contacted.