NHN participation in Radio show on Grand Bargain and its Commitments

The Grand Bargain, Charter for Change and localisation agenda has been a topic of discussion at the international level organisations and networks for a while now. The local organisations and actors who are supposed to be the prime beneficiaries of these movement have limited knowledge and understanding of these important initiatives. Helping increase their awareness and understanding on the subject, may allow them to be able to contribute in the thought process and work stream of the donor/aid agencies to make humanitarian aid more efficient and effective.
Oxfam sponsored a radio show “Introduction to Grand Bargain and its Commitments” with FM100 on 29 August 2019. Mr. Adeel Qaiser from Oxfam, MR. Dominic Stolarow from UNICEF and Ms. Sana Zulfiqar from NHN participated in the show.

The following two main points were under discussion in the programme.

  • What Grand Bargain and it’s commitments are: to build a common understanding (on GB and Local Humanitarian Leadership) across local actors in the country
  • Way forwards on how to promote GB in the country

Recording of the Programme

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