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NHN by Laws and TORs

Membership criteria

Any humanitarian organization can become a NHN member, if it fulfills the following criteria:

  • Submit a completely filled membership form
  • Regular pay the membership fee
  • Regularly attend network meetings/activities
  • Positively contribute to the cause of NHN
  • Having minimum 2 year experience of humanitarian work
  • Adherence/ application of humanitarian principles and standards
  • Believe/exerciseB CHS and Sphere Minimum Standards.
  • Having strong gender components
  • Robust internal audit and accountability system
  • Registered as non-profit organization
  • Having no proven involvement in embezzlement/corruption

The following documents will be required for a membership application:

  • Complete Membership Application Form-MAF (stamped/signed) in Soft & Hard copy
  • Organizations original Registration certificate scanned copy (soft & Hard )
  • Letter of Interest on Letter Head
  • Copy of Last one or two Audit Reports
  • Copy of NTN Certificate (optional)
  • Minutes of Last Board Meeting (optional)
  • Organizational Undertaking
  • Organization contingency plan or disaster related progress reports
  • Membership fees
  • Signed copy of code of conduct

Responsibilities of the Applicants:

  • Properly read and understand the MAF
  • Contact relevant NHN Secretariat for any clarity / guidance if required concerning MAF
  • Submit the MAF within due date
  • One organization can apply for only one district
  • All the information required in the application must be provided in full
  • Checklist provided must be checked before sending application to the Secretariat
  • All the required documents / forms must be attached with membership application form
  • The membership application form should be sent through TCS or any reliable courier / postal mechanism
  • Secretariat will not be responsible for any application if lost in the mailing process
  • NHN Provincial council may invite any organization for brief presentation on capacity profile of organization and on contingency plan before final membership.

Membership Categories

Full membership: those who fulfill the membership criteria can become full member of NHN. An organization can enlist as NHN member in one of the districts/agencies all over the country including FATA, AJK, and GB besides ICT. The full members will have voting rights and will represent NHN at any external forums if nominated by the DEC or PEC/REC or CEC for representing the network at the respective humanitarian decision-making and coordination forums. The full members will be entitled to avail NHN training opportunities at local, national or international level.
Associate membership: Those organizations who did not have required experience and belong to areas where NHN chapters are not yet formed but interested in NHN membership can become Associate members after approval from PEC/REC. The associate members will not have voting rights and will not be entitled to represent NHN at any external forums. After fulfilling the membership criteria, the associate members can become full members after approval from PEC/REC. This category of membership did not apply to those organizations which are non-profit, or blacklisted or had proven charges of corruption/embezzlement or involved in spreading hatred and violence in society

Process of Membership

  • Candidate organization will submit dully filled application form
  • Deposit the membership Fees along with application form
  • Having recommendation by two members organizations
  • PEC/REC would approve the membership by simple majority

Termination of Membership

  • If an organization is not regularly attending the NHN forum meetings (consecutive 3 meetings without any intimation)
  • Fail to submit membership fees for consecutive three times/li>
  • Grossly violates the NHN discipline
  • Intentionally or intentionally and seriously damage the credibility of network
  • Involved in embezzlement/corruption and established by PEC/REC or CEC
  • Incorrect information in the application can lead to termination of the membership.

Membership termination procedure:

  • After approval of membership criteria, membership of those organization not fulfilling the criteria will automatically be ceased and wherever needed it will be notified to the organizations/forums concerned
  • Any organization either ceased to fulfill the criteria and conditions set in the termination of membership, PEC/REC can terminate its membership and in case of appeal it can approach to CEC.
  • In case of formal request for quitting by any member organization, the PEC/REC can terminate its membership after investigating the reasons for quitting the network
  • The membership termination procedures will apply to both categories i.e. full and associate members

PEC/REC membership

The number of members of Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) or Regional Executive Committee (REC) will be determined by the respective committees. All PEC/REC members will be elected by the district chapters and the PEC/REC will reserve quota for women for brining gender balance. If any member failed to attend consecutive three meeting without intimation, PEC/REC can terminate its membership. The PEC/REC terms will be two years.

CEC Membership

All members of CEC will be elected/selected by the PEC/REC. To ensure at least 33% women representation, every province (Sindh, Baluchistan, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) or region (AJK, GB and Islamabad) will elect three representatives (minimum one must be women) to the PEC/REC.
If any member failed to attend consecutive three meeting without intimation, CEC can terminate its membership.

Membership Fees

Membership Fees

  • National level NGOs- Rs. 50000 per annum
  • Provincial level NGOs- Rs. 10000 per annum
  • District level NGOs- Rs. 5000 per annum

For fee payment please prepare a cheque in favor of respective provincial secretariate organization and send it with the complete documents.

Fund Raising
If needed for any specific event, PEC/REC or PEC can raise funds internally as well as externally besides the membership fees.

Host Secretariat Criteria