Drought Update

As per PMDbs drought alert issued on 6 June 2018 from Jan to May b 44.9% below normal rainfall has been recorded in Pakistan which has emerged drought like situation over most parts of the country. B Moderate to severe drought is prevailing in barani areas and south of Punjab, lower KP, Southwest Balochistan and Southeast Sindh. In last five months dry condition in the southern part of the country has already caused water stress in agriculture areas of the country. Small dams near Islamabad are at critical level and ground water level in most areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi has been badly affected by the dry spell. click to view notification

PDM has advised the relevant stakeholders to immediate formulation of water management strategy to address the issue in timely manner.

PDMA Punjab has informed that following PMDbs drought alert, PDMA convened 1st meeting (view meetingB minutes) with stakeholders including relevant government authorities, WFP and FAO on 8 June to discuss the situation and way forward. PDMA Punjab met with stakeholders again on 12 June and decided to conduct drought vulnerability mapping, rapid assessment and determine the impact of the drought/like situation in affected districts and formulate a comprehensive mitigation and response plan.

Please find PMD seasonal forecast on link http://nwfc.pmd.gov.pk/MON&TC/Monsoon/Seasonal-Outlook.html

For more on drought please visit http://www.ndmc.pmd.gov.pk/index.htm