Business Continuity Planning Workshop

Business continuity is of paramount importance in the era of cut throat competition. Businesses that fail to consistently provide quality products and services find it difficult to survive. According to HBR (2016), the companies that existed in 1980 only 20% of them could survive today whereas only 17% have the chances to survive next 5 years. Similarly, companies that existed before 1970 have 92% chances to survive, whereas companies registered between 2000- 2009 have only 63% chances to survive. Amid this cut throat competition no business can afford discontinuity of their products and services.
However, all organizations from all sectors (public, private and not-for-profit) face the possibility of disruptive events that have impacts ranging from mere inconvenience and short-lived disruption of normal operations to the very destruction of the organization. Organizational functions supporting business disruption prevention, preparedness, response and recovery such as risk management, contingency planning, crisis management, emergency response, and business resumption and recovery are thus established and resourced based upon the organizationbs perception of its relevant environments and the risks within those environments.
In order to highlight the importance and to bring the business community at par with the latest tool and trends in BCP, a one-day workshop as organized in Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industrybs building on 24th April 2019. The workshop was attended by a large number of businessmen from the province. This workshop was organized with the support of Asian Preparedness Partnership and Pakistan Resilience Partnership.
The full report of the workshop is available in the library section of the website. It can also be accessed directly on the following link.

Business continuity planning workshop report

Selected pictures of the workshop

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