Consultancy Opportunity to Develop National Guidelines in Consultation with Corporate Sector for Integrating CSR Fund into Annual Development Planning

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has received a large amount of attention and realization towards its importance for integration into annual development planning. Experts are considering to link CSR through various laws and regulations to provide an alternative source of funding for the development and the provision of basic services in country. However, the process of integrating business CSR with annual development plan / program must consider the perception of all relevant stakeholders, namely government officials and companies managing CSR programs. Business CSR are often placed as an instrument for companies to achieve its interest, such as to obtain a social license, reputation and security of business. PRP is aiming to facilitate both government and corporate / private sector in developing guidelines for integrating CSR funds into annual development plan and disaster risk reduction initiatives. The approach will give greater authority to the private sector to facilitate government in developing and managing their own area.

Objective of Assignment

To develop guidelines in consultation with government and corporate sector which will help in ensuring;

bThe right innovations and partnerships have the ability to create the lasting impact for radical yet sustainable transformations for societyb.

The specific objectives are:

  • To identify overall potential and utilization of CSR.
  • To identify modalities of engagement of industries not involved in CSR funds.
  • Integration of CSR programs into annual development plan / DRR initiatives.
  • Recommend incentives for business community to adhere CSR compliance.

Time Line
The time to complete the deliverables is 02 months.

Skills & Expertise

In order to undertake this assignment, the consultant should have the following qualification/skills: –

  • A minimum of a Masterbs degree (or equivalent) in social science.
  • Good understanding and knowledge of corporate sector especially CSR funds objective and utilization.
  • Good understanding of government working modalities, aspects of annual development plan and connection with private sector.
  • Experience in developing guidelines and strategic documents.
  • Preferably international working experience.
  • The ability to write excellent simple, clear English.
  • Good verbal and other communication skills.
  • Timeliness in the production of deliverables is essential.

How to Apply

Interested consultants/ individuals / firms should send their financial and technical proposal to NHN / SPO no later than 05th October 2020 through using the following link

Apply here