As per NHN policies and procedures network elections time has aroused. It is the time to elect National Humanitarian Network, Pakistan new management at provincial/regional and national level for the coming 02 years (1 Jan 2020 – 31 December 2021). The details of Election Committee Members, Eligibility Criteria for PEC / CEC / Provincial & National Secretariat, Schedule of Elections, Rotation of Secretariats, New Central Executive Committee (CEC) Meeting and National Chair Election is mentioned below for your consideration.

Election Commission Committee
To run the election process smoothly and transparent, election committee is formed by CEC. Below mentioned members have volunteered for the task facilitation. Mr. Noor Bajeer is leading the committee. The task of the election committee is receiving nominations, deciding upon the voting process, holding the elections as per the criteria and announcing its results.

  • Mr. Noor Bajeer – Sindh
  • Mr. Fareed Ullah – KP/FATA
  • Mr. Hameed Ullah Kakar – Balochistan

Eligibility Criteria for Regional/Provincial PEC/CEC
The criteria for an organization to host NHN regional/provincial and national secretariat is:

  • Provincial Secretariat will be elected by all provincial member
  • Strong humanitarian profile, advocacy and networking experience
  • Having strong gender inclusive profile
  • Having not less than a 10 staff
  • Willing/capacity to extend secretarial support to regional/provincial and national secretariat (separate room or enough space for accommodating secretariat staff and assets, telephone, net, printer, photocopy, stationary etc.) and adherence with NHN under its TORs and By-Laws
  • Having enough space for holding network meetings
  • Experience of running/hosting other networks
  • Good reputation/credibility
  • Willingness of organizational head to be focal person/spare time for the network him/herself
  • For Provincial Secretariat, and PEC member, organization shall be NHN member for 3-5 years’
  • To apply for Regional/Provincial Chair positions 05 years audit report, NTN certificate and 8-10 humanitarian sector related projects reports shall be submitted to PEC/CEC
  • For Regional/Provincial Secretariat having minimum 5 years’ experience of humanitarian work
  • For Regional/Provincial Secretariat minimum 90% meetings were attended by the nominated/elected organization in last 2 years’
  • Have positively contributed to the cause of NHN for last 2 years’
  • Adherence/application of humanitarian principles and standards
  • Believe/exercise HAP
  • For Regional/Provincial Secretariat nominated organization must have strong linkages with key stakeholders of humanitarian sector at District/Provincial level
  • Nominated/elected organization shall be assertive and vocal to make sure the network is well represented at various forums
  • Having no proven involvement in embezzlement/corruption
  • From ex CEC, 03 out of 01 member will be retained based on senate formula(The retention of 01 member will be based on mutual understanding of the CEC members of respective Province, if no agreement is made they can go for election)
  • Similar mode of elections will be conducted in all provinces and to ensure transparency the election committee will keep record of all proceedings of the elections.

Nomination/Election of an organization to be Secretariat

  • Principally the organisation of elected NHN central or provincial chair will act as secretariat also. The CEC/PEC will elect/nominate a member organisation in the light of set criteria to chair the network and host the secretariat respectively. After selection/nomination CEC/PEC will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the hosting organisation for smooth running of secretariat. The MoU must clearly mention the responsibilities and nature of facilitation provided to secretariat staff or secretariat in general besides nominating a focal person for day to day liaison and facilitation of NHN staff.
  • While abiding by the service rules and policies of host organisation, the secretariat staff, if there is any, will report to the CEC/PEC member and will not be asked to perform any tasks other than of NHN. The host organisation will not directly hire/fire the NHN staff rather a CEC or PEC has the mandate to exercise these powers.
  • The salary and other related benefits or allowances of the secretariat staff will be fixed by CEC/PEC in the light of available resources respectively but in other matters the general employment rules and policies of the host organization will apply.
  • In case of inaccessibility of fund to NHN, host organization will properly work as volunteer by nominating any staff to respond the coordination and event management in the province.

Schedule of Elections, Rotation of Secretariats, New Central Executive Committee (CEC) Meeting & National Chair Election

Activity Start Date End Date Election Committee Member / Responsible Secretariat
NHN ICT 13 November 2019 13 November 2019 Mr. Fareed Ullah
NHN AJ&K 14 November 2019 14 November 2019 Mr. Fareed Ullah
NHN Sindh 16 November 2019 16 November 2019 Mr. Hameed Ullah Kakar
NHN Balochistan 18 November 2019 18 November 2019 Mr. Noor Bajeer
NHN Punjab 2 Dec 2019 2 Dec 2019 Mr. Noor Bajeer & Mr. Hameed Ullah Kakar
NHN KP/FATA 03 December 2019 03 December 2019 Mr. Noor Bajeer & Mr. Hameed Ullah Kakar
Newly Elected CEC Meeting & National Chair Election 04 Dec 2019 04 Dec 2019 National Secretariat
Rotation of Provincial Secretariats. Checklist of NHN record. Hard/Soft copies of NHN record. Financial account transfers or change of signatories 07 Dec 2019 25 Dec 2019 Ex-Provincial/Regional Secretariat & Newly Elected Provincial/Regional Secretariat National Secretariat will facilitate to ensure smooth rotation
Newly Elected Provincial/Regional Secretariat Functional 1 Jan 2020 1 Jan 2020


Download Nomination form for PEC, PC and CEC