Awareness Walk organized on National Resilience Day 8 October 2021 - District Bagh AJK
Workshop on Knowledge Management and Compilation of Lesson Learnt and Best Practices 21 - 23 September 2021
Capacity Development Workshop of Emergency Response Team on Humanitarian Standards for effective response
Innaguration of 15 mobile COVID-19 Vaccination Units by HANDS with support of Shell Pakistan.
Launch of Mobile Vaccination centers by HANDS with support of Pakistan State Oil
NHN KP Provincial Executive Committee meeting held on 29 June 2021 at provincial Secretariat Peshawar
Distribution of Personal Protection Equipments (PPEs) at SGH Murad Memon Goth District Malir on 17 June 2021
Distribution of Hygiene items among vulnerable community members including people with disability
and Women Hawkers in district Mirpurkhas by ARTS Foundation
Distribution of soaps among Lady Health Workers in Mirpurkhas by ARTS Foundation
COVID19 awareness through FM Radio on Jeay FM 88 Mirpurkhas on 30 June 2020 by ARTS Foundation
Awareness raising and food bags distribution by REEDS Pakistan, 25 June 2020
Distribution of ration bags among 115 People with Disability (PWDs) at Khipro, Sanghar.
27 June 2020. Arts Foundation
Flood fighting mock exercise conducted on 17 June 2020 in District Rahimyar Khan-REEDS Pakistan
Provision of foot controller hand washing station to deputy commissioner office D.I.Khan
by Veer Development Organization
Distribution of food packages among 200 deserving families in Galliyat, district Abbottabad
by Welfare Association Jared (WAJ)
Distribution of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) in THQ Sadda, District Kurram.
3 June 2020 by LASOONA
Meeting with community memebers of UC Karapa district Buner about COVID-19 and distribution of face masks.
20 May 2020 by RDO
Distribution of food packages and COVID-19 awareness raising among 284 families in district Tharparker.
8 May 2020 by Participatory Village Development Programme
Providing home work to children at their home who do not have access to internet
8 May 2020 by CDF
Distribution of food baskets to Home Based Workers in District Sibi 2 May 2020 by SOCIO Economic Development Association
Pre-Flood Mock Exercise 2020 at Rahim Yar Khan by REEDS
Pre-Flood Mock Exercise 2020 at Rajanpur by HELP Foundation
Mock exercise for flood reponse by Doaba Foundation
Distribution of food baskets to vulnerable families by REEDS
Distributation of ration to 55 families at UC Sabar Rind Taluka Mirwah Dist Khairpur Mirs.
19 April 2020 by Dharti Development Foundation
Handing over PPEs to Sindh Peoples Ambulance service and MERF team for DHQ Thatta and Sujawal
18 April 2020 by HANDS
Distribution of food among 100 vulnerable women from CRDO Older People Association in presence of
Social Welfare Department and Hashoo Management at Panam Dheri UC, Peshawar by CRDO
COVID-19 response at HANDS hospital Jam Kanada in Malir district Karachi
17 April 2020 by HANDS
Distribution of food package and hygiene kit in UC Mangah District Mardan
16 April 2020 by IDEA
Distribution of seeds on subsidized prices to 500 families in South Punjab for home gardening
16 April 2020 by Farmers Development Organization
Handing over of PPE kits to People's Medical College hospital Nawab Shah/ Shaheed Benazirabad
and Chandka Medical college hospital Larrkana 15 April 2020 by HANDS
Facilitation in registration of EHSAS programme in district Khairpur and Shikarpur
11 April 2020 by GSF
Provision of PPE kits and other equipment to Government Hospital Mirpur Khas and Civil Hospital Hyderabad
10 April 2020 by HANDS
Facilitating in registration of Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program in District Buner
10 April 2020 by Rural Development Organization
Distribution of food to vulnerable families with support from individual donors in distrcit Tando Muhammad Khan
9 April 2020 by Dharti development Fouundation
Facilitating in Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program in District Khairpur and Shikarpur
9 April 2020 by GSF
Sindh Government Hospital Memon Goth Karachi upgraded to serve 24/7
under Public Private Partnership agreement between GoS and HANDS.
NHN Balochistan chapter conducted a coordination meeting with PDMA Balochistan to extend its support.
8 April 2020
NHN Balochistan conducted its PEC meeting to discuss the COVID-19 situation
8 April 2020
Distribution of food packs to families of daily wage workers in District Naushahro Feroze
6 April 2020 - by Dharti Development Foundation
Provision of 38 PPE kits, 38 Masks, 38 safety glasses, 400 Dettol sanitizers and 400 Dettol soaps
to District Health office, Tharparkar. 6 April 2020 - by Participatory Village Development Programme
Distribution of food packs and awareness raising about COVID-19 in District Mirpurkhas
6 April 2020 - by Participatory Village Development Programme
Distribution of food packs to vulnerable families in District Shaheed Benazirabad
5 April 2020 - by Hari Welfare Association
Creation of food packs to be distributed to the vulnerable households
5 April 2020 - by Arts Foundation
Installation of hand washing facilities in district Muzaffargarh
5 April 2020 - by AGAHE
Distribution of food packs at door step in District Layyah and Peshawar
4 April 2020 - by HANDS
Distribution of family food packages to daily wage workers in district Kalat
3 April 2020 - by SCAP Balochistan
Distribution of food to security personnel and at quarantine centers
3 April 2020 - by SCAP Balochistan
Provision of hand washing facilities in Disrict Multan and Muzaffargarh
2 April 2020 - by AGAHEE
Quality check of PPEs and supplies for the Government health facilities by the Quality Assurance teams
2 April 2020 - by HANDS
Providing food items to extremely vulnerable households at door-step during lock down period
1 April 2020 - by HANDS
Teleconference of all stakeholder 31 March 2020 by NHN
Mobile hand washing unit 31 March 2020 by AGAHEE
Installation of hand washing unit outside main vegetable market
29 March 2020 by Lodhran Pilot Project
Distribution of face masks to the villagers in district Naushahro Feroze
29 March 2020 by Dharti Development Foundation
Installation of hand pumps and distribution of face masks at district Naushahro Feroze
28 March 2020 by Dharti Development Foundation
Mobile hand washing facilities and female volunteers making masks for distribution
28 March 2020 by Help Foundation
Core team meeting to workout action plan till 7 April 2020 - Help Foundation
Dedicated team of doctors, paramedics and drivers at Quarantine Center Labour Square Karachi.
27 March 2020. by HNADS
Awareness raising about COVID-19 Muzaffargarh. 26 March 2020 by AGAHE
Distribution of Face Mask , display of Penaflx & distribution IEC material and awareness raising at taluka Johi
26 March 2020 - NDO in collaboration with REEDS Pakistan and IRC International.
Cronavirus Task Force in Action to respond COVID-19 Emergency 2020
in Rahim Yar Khan. Vehari. Ghotki. Dadu - 26 March 2020 by REEDS
Arrangements at all water filtration plants in District Multan 25 March 2020 managed by HANDS
Awareness raising and food pack distribution 25 March 2020 by CRDO.
NHN Punjab Chair attended a meeting with divisional heads of government departments. NHN extended its complete
support to Government to combat the outbreak of COVID-19. 24 March 2020 by Encourage the Human Development
Awareness raising about COVID-19 through ICE material 24 March 2020 by Veer Development Organization
Awareness raising initiatives about COVID-19. 16 to 24 March 2020 by REEDS - NHN Punjab.
Provision and face masks to local authorities 23 March 2020 by REEDS and NDO
Team of Doctors and Paramedics deployed at Sindh Government Hospital Ibrahim Hyderi for COVID-19 response.
Handing over the hygiene kits to PDMA Sindh 23 March 2020 by HANDS

Always wear a face mask when you need to leave your house


Regularly and thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water or clean them with an alcohol-based hand rub or sanitizer


Keep at least 1 meter of distance from other person to avoid catching any viruses.


Catch the germs from your sneeze using a cloth or a tissue or sneeze into your elbow.


Make sure to get enough sleep to keep your immune system strong


Boost your immune system with ample intake of vitamin C

Social Contact Tracker

In any virus outbreak a personal tracker is always recommended so that the outbreak can be tracked to exact people and places in case some one gets infected. Use the below format for your own personal tracker.
Download the excel file

Social Contact Tracker (Name)
Date People contacted Places visited Number of people Number of places
25 March
Person A
Person B
x x
26 March
Person A
Person B
x x
27 March
Person A
Person B
x x
Courtesy of ADPC

COVID 19 Awareness audio messages by NHN members

How to prepare for staying at home

It’s the best way to wash up (and much easier to find than hand sanitizer).
Disposable gloves
For handling things that might be contaminated. Do not wash or reuse.
Disinfectant wipes
Look for products with active ingredients such as quaternary ammonium, sodium hypochlorite, or hydrogen peroxide.
Towels, clean linens
Or anything else you might need more of as cleaning habits change.

Supplies of shelf-stable food
Beans, rice, flour, and canned items: enough for a couple of weeks, if access to grocery stores is limited.
Coffee or tea
Or other everyday “necessities.”
A first aid kit
Hospitals may be overwhelmed, so you’ll want to be able to treat minor problems at home.
90 days of medication
The CDC recommends stocking up on prescriptions, so contact your doctor.

Yarn, art supplies, or other hobby items
Its a good time to dive into an activity you can do at home. Morale matters!
Things for working from home
From a desk chair to a mouse, it’s better to have the tools for your job if it’s possible to work remotely.
Electronics and, potentially, spare parts
If your phone or computer breaks, it’s an inconvenience in the best of times. Right now, it might be more than that, if stores aren’t open to get a replacement.
Games for family time
If you’ve got kids at home, you’ll need distractions!

Medication for reducing a fever, like acetaminophen (Tylenol).
A thermometer for monitoring fever.
Cough and cold medication
Including cough drops and lozenges, cough syrup like Dayquil / Nyquil, and decongestants like Sudafed.
A humidifier can also help with cough that makes it tough to sleep.
Rehydration solutions
Pedialyte or Gatorade works, but you can make it at home with a liter of drinking water, a scoop of sugar, and a pinch of salt. Plain water or other liquids also work for mild dehydration in adults.

Who do you want to be during COVID-19

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