The outbreak of Dengue started in Peshawar KPK in the month of August 2017. According to the provincial Health Department in Peshawar, as of September 14, the death toll from dengue, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), reached 25. So far, 12,552 people have been tested for Dengue and out of these 2492 people have been found positive for Dengue. Although 781 people have been discharged after treatment, 2,907 are still being treated in the government hospitals as the majority of them suffer from high grade fever, headache and muscular pain i.e. the symptoms close to dengue fever. It is estimated that there is an increasing trend of dengue cases as well as spread of Dengue to other areas as the cases have started to come from areas adjoining those from where initial cases were reported

In order to respond to the outbreak NHN KP-FATA chapter member organization conducted multiple activities in different areas of KP. The details of these interventions are provided in the table below.

Name Area of Response Type of Response No. of Beneficiaries Status Donor Focal Person Contact Number Email
SAWERA Mardan Awareness 3500 On going Self-Help Initiatives Sanobar Shah 0332-9165904 sanobar.sawera AT
Rural Development Organization Buner Buner Sessions at community and school 1230 On going Self Help Hakim Zada 03339697173 rdobuner AT
ASWAD UC karapa and shallbandi, Buner Sessions at community and school 1230 On going Self Help Hakim Zada 03339697173 rdobuner AT
CERD Tehkal Bala, Tehkal Paia, Sufaid Dahri Community Mobilization under Nutrition Program

Medical donations and 2300 mosquito nets through government

Medical camp request is pending at DHO office for allocation of area

3 sessions on daily basis for 25 persons On going WFP, Self-Funded and UN Taj Ali 0333-9110042 tajalicerd AT
CRDO Awareness raising Self Help Imran Enam 0346-7773336 imranenam AT
FRD 25 UCs of Peshawar Awarenss Sessions at Schools, Community and walks 1800 On going MSP-KP Local Government Ali abbas 0345-9013000 ali.abbas008 AT
LASOONA Swat Dengue Awareness raising Campaigns including Walks, Awareness raising session, Dissemination of IEC material at community level and provision of support to District Dengue Control Room Swat Department of Health 20,288 On going NCA Shams Ul Haq 0333-9848369 shams AT